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Data Management Arrangements

Data mis-ManagementData Management Arrangements
The General Data Protection Regulation sets out the arrangements organisations must take for the collection, storage, use and disposal of personal data. The society aims to comply with these requirements as set out below.

1. The personal data of members and others are collected, held and manipulated by the Membership Secretary, who acts as data officer. Personal data are collected in a standard format on membership application forms. Non-members wishing to be notified solely of forthcoming talks provide only name and email address.

2. Data held on individuals are provided by the individuals themselves and comprise names, addresses and telephone and electronic contact arrangements, together with payment details and participation with fieldwork.

3. Data are collected on membership application forms that set out the conditions under which they are stored and used.

4. Data are held electronically on MAS systems as follows:

- Full data of current members, lapsed members and affiliates held by Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman;

- Fieldwork members names, contact phone number and town of residence held by fieldwork supervisor* for health and safety reasons;

- Gatekeeper at meetings: names and postal addresses only of members* in order to verify identity if necessary;

- Details of lapsed members held for two years (see Item 6 below) so that encouragement to rejoin may be possible;

- Messenger holds names and addresses and contact phone numbers of members and lapsed members, also affiliate details, for the purpose of communicating society information;

- Affiliates are non-members who wish to be informed of talks’ programmes.

* Edited details are provided in paper form to facilitate both admissions to talks and also fieldwork attendance.

5. Membership Secretary maintains database and circulates updates as circumstances require. Full data sets are encrypted for transmission.

6. Outdated databases are deleted when superseded, other than those held by Membership Secretary and Chairman, which are retained for two years after membership has lapsed.

7. Data management arrangements may be accessed on the society’s website.

8. Members with any concerns about the accuracy of their personal records or any related matter should address their concerns to any trustee of the society.

These will be investigated by a trustee together with the Membership Secretary.

Adopted 5 March 2018