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Marlow Archaeology excavationFieldwork - safe working practices during pandemic

It seems unlikely that restrictions on public gatherings and meetings will be eased or lifted before the mass vaccination programme is well advanced and that may not be until the summer. In the meantime we would want to respond positively to any fieldwork possibilities that arise in 2021.

The chances of infection during archaeological fieldwork are no different from those of other activities and the consequences are similarly potentially severe. It is up to all involved to take individual responsibility for protecting themselves and their colleagues. It follows that procedures and behaviours have to be adapted to minimise the risks.

The basic rules apply:

  • Maintain 2 m distance (other than brief moments when not practical)

  • Wear a face mask

  • Wash/sanitise hands regularly

  • Observe any other official guidance


Additionally, extra precautions are necessary:

  • Wear gloves when handling tools and equipment, especially not your own

  • Sanitise tools used in common after personal use

  • Changed site working arrangements to minimise proximity

  • Avoid sharing tools if possible


Personnel on site will be expected to:

  • Stay away if feeling unwell

  • Immediately inform others if taken unwell on site

  • Inform others if Covid infection develops within 10 days of site visit

  • Bring their own face mask, gloves and hand sanitiser

  • Bring their own small tools if they have them

  • Follow the rules and precautions above

  • Raise any compliance concerns whilst on site

  • Refrain from sharing any photos that indicate or suggest non-compliance


If we all behave responsibly and follow these instructions, we can continue to undertake and enjoy fieldwork and contribute to the containment of the virus and the return to normal life.


9 December 2020