Marlow Archaeology

Fieldwork - basic information

This is a brief outline of the background to fieldwork and its conduct. There are more detailed fieldwork guidelines and information that should be consulted also. (for an excelent free PDF download on "KEY CONCEPTS INPUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY" please click here)

Archaeological fieldwork- We invariably work on someone's property with their agreement, so our activities and behaviour must reflect and respect this arrangement.

- The health and safety of our members and members of the public is paramount when undertaking fieldwork.

- Excavation disturbs, damages or destroys the archaeology, so must be approached and executed with care.

- The directions and instructions of the site supervisor must be followed.

- Always sign in on arrival and sign out when leaving site.

- Observe any special site instructions.

- Familiarise yourself with the society's fieldwork protocols.

- Use tools only for the purpose intended and be aware of others during use.

- Be aware of stringlines, tapes, cables, pegs and level differences.

- Keep the site tidy.

- If you perceive a risk, report it.

- If in doubt, ask.



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PFB: 8 September 2017