Marlow Archaeology



Thursday 12th October 2017
Verulamium Revealed:Recent geophysical surveys in the Roman town
by Dr Kris Lockyear – Institute of Archaeology UCL

Verulamium 2017.jpg
This talk will illustrate some amazing, brand-new revelations! The Roman city of Verulamium was the third largest in Britannia, and the largest Roman city in Britain which does not have a modern settlement built over it.

The Community Archaeology Geophysics Group has conducted a series of surveys in the town on previously inaccessible land on the Earl of Verulamium's estate, and completed a huge magnetometry survey as well as Ground Penetrating Radar and resistivity surveys.

After a brief lay-persons introduction to the techniques, Kris will illustrate the very latest findings including results of the surveys undertaken in August 2017, and will begin the process of putting these exciting results into context.