Marlow Archaeology

Fieldwork checklist - what to wear and take

  • Fieldwork - what to wear and take

    Archaeological fieldwork involves exposure to the weather, so be prepared for that on the day, remembering that we live in a changeable climate. Be adequately protected against the cold, wet or heat and strong sunshine as appropriate, in respect of both clothing and head wear.

  • Excavation inevitably involves a certain amount of dirt; make sure your clothing will not be spoilt by getting dirty and will be comfortable kneeling and/or using tools.

  • We recommend using gloves when excavating, to protect the skin from possible blisters, abrasions and cuts. Basic first aid is always available on site.

  • Stout footwear is essential, preferably with ankle support.

  • Remember to take any medication that you need.

  • In many cases sites are remote from shops, so bring food and drink sufficient for your needs.

  • Bring a lightweight chair for rest and meal breaks, or be prepared for sitting on the ground.

  • Bring your own trowel if you have one and a kneeling pad or knee pads. However a trowel and kneeling pad can be provided for the day. All heavy tools are provided by the society.

  • Be aware that it is often not possible to provide toilet facilities, including hand washing facilities.

  • In the unlikely event that hard hats are needed, these will be provided by the society. Safety glasses are rarely required.

  • It is usually allowable to take photographs: any restrictions will be advised.

PFB: September 2017