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Good progress has been made with the preparations for a single archaeology group in Marlow as a successor to both Marlow Archaeology Society and Archaeology in Marlow. Due diligence has been accomplished and no obstacles were encountered that would prevent formation of the new archaeology group. The intention is to create the new group, close MAS and AIM and transfer their assets and those members who opt-in to the new group. A project plan is in place and a proposal is in preparation for consideration and, we hope approval, by the members of both societies at their respective AGMs in June. We now have interim trustees for the proposed new group, representing both present societies, who will manage its establishment until a General Meeting when trustees and officers will be elected by members. There remain several transitional details to be finalised but subject to the approval of the members of both societies, the new group could be in place by the autumn.

Peter Borrows
Chairman, Marlow Archaeological Society


Marlow Archaeology excavation

The Marlow Warlord
You will have seen the national news about the recent excavation in which a few MAS members were involved, also mentioned in our Autumn members' Update.

Dr Gabor Thomas of the University of Reading, who led the excavation, was interviewed for a BBC History Radio podcast last week - the link is below. It is much more in-depth than the initial press coverage and touches on a range of issues concerning early medieval archaeology in the Thames region and beyond.   Click here to listen to the podcast

Marlow Archaeological Society - better known as Marlow Archaeology, or MAS - is an active local society dedicated to widening knowledge of the archaeology and history of Marlow and the surrounding area - and sharing it with the wider community.

Our monthly talks programme in Marlow has become increasingly popular. It covers various historical and archaeological subjects that are mostly presented by leading experts in their field. We run regular fieldwork projects involving excavations, geophysics, research and reports. Visits are organised to places of interest.

We work with other local organisations to encourage public interest in supporting and conserving the archaeological and historical heritage of the Marlow area. We are involved in many local events, such as fêtes and regattas, which provide an opportunity to communicate with visitors to our stand and display our activities and findings.

Many of our members are also involved in projects around the country and we use their experience gained to improve our society.

New members are always welcome – some are interested in archaeology while others may just enjoy attending our talks and events. No previous archaeological experience is necessary as training and guidance are always on offer.

We are an active local society dedicated to widening our knowledge of the archaeology and history of Marlow and around - and sharing it with the wider community.

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